Ties / Hardware / Accessories

HD Loop Panel Ties

HD Loop Panel Ties are designed for securing and spacing modular type forms.  Standard units are fabricated with 2-1/8″ ends and 1″ breakback.  Other breakbacks, plastic cones or water resistant washers are available on special order.

X Flat Ties

X Flat Ties are used with Wedge Bolts to secure and space modular forms.  X Flat ties are available in 6″ up to 84″ in 1/2″ increments. Standard breakback is 1/4″.

Base Ties

Base Ties are used at the base and/or top of modular type formwork.  Standard base ties are furnished without cones or breakback.

Wedge Bolts

Wedge Bolts are used with Loop Panel Ties, Plylags, X Flat ties etc., to secure modular type forms. Long Bolts and Short Bolts are also available.

One Piece Waler Clamps

One Piece Waler Clamps attach through the wedge bolt slot of modular type forms to provide wedge action aligning with single or double lumber.

Z Tie Holders & Waler Ties

Z Tie Holders are used in conjunction with Waler Ties to secure double 2x lumber wales to modular type forms.  The Waler Tie is available in two sizes to accommodate 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 lumber.


J-Strongback Hooks &

Strongback Ties

J-Strongback Hooks simply hook over one member of the waler and secure the vertical strongback lumber.  Strongback Loop Ties are long-ended loop ties used in conjunction with the Z Tie Holder.  When Strongback Ties are used in conjunction with lumber walers and strongbacks, the Strongback Tie can eliminate the need for a Waler Tie at that point.

Scaffold Brackets

Scaffold Brackets should be installed where one or more levels of work platforms are required for personnel safety whenever access to forming components or concrete placement necessitates work above grade or deck levels.


Turnbuckle Form Aligners are designed to accurately position and plumb vertical forms.
The turnbuckle section of the aligner features a 1″ diameter self-cleaning coil thread for fast adjustments.  Overall length of the aligner is 37″ minimum and 40″ maximum, offering 3″ of effective adjustment.

Pipe Form Aligners

Pipe Form Aligners are adjustable from 11′-7″ up to 20′-9″ and connects to side rails by utilizing the Steel-Ply Pipe Form Aligner adapter at the Wedge Bolt slot midway between crossmembers.